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Welcome to Elan Support

Elan Support Services is an I.T. Support Company with many years of experience in the IT industry and business solutions. Elan take pride in our reputation for developing strong partnerships with customers and suppliers. Elan customers are safe in the knowledge that each specialist and individual requirement can be acheived. Elan Staff are focused on giving total customer satisfaction, offering quality and reliability.

Elan Support Services provide a 'One Stop Shop' I.T. solution, with business agreements and contracts arranged around your organisational needs.

Customised Agreements

Elan will listen to your needs and provide a solution which suits you. Our agreements include normal annual support with response and fix times which you choose. We also operate a system known as 'Support on Demand'. This allows for a pre-paid number of 'Callouts' with a guaranteed 'Response Time' and 'Fix Time'. When the purchased 'Callouts' are getting used up we will then ask you buy another batch.

Alternatively if you have no agreement and need help with a problem we will do our best to resolve the issue.

We know good relationships make good business sense.

Levels of Service

Your environment and skill levels will determine how much help you need from your I.T. support provider. Elan Support are happy to provide whatever you need. Service levels may be a full 'Facilities Management' solution or 'Hardware Support', 'Network Support', 'Operating System Support' or 'Administrative Support'. In most cases you will want a combination of support, requiring different levels on certain areas and we will be happy to oblige.

Team Work

Elan believe the best way for organizations to gain the most productivity out of the relationship is to work as a team or a partnership. We listen and talking to our customers as their needs change, maintaining an understanding of the critical areas of the customers business. Elan will offer suggestions which may improve your productivity or service.

Support Rational

In the modern commercial environment, information is electronic data and without access to this, business often comes to a crawl. In the case of a 'System Down' some of your customers may be patient and wait for you to attend to their requests, but others are likely to use a competitor and not return. Additionally, employee productivity is affected by their I.T. systems level of availability. If systems are unreliable, slow or just don't do what the users want, this leads to poor performance and frustration. Employee absence due to sickness may be biological and uncontrollable but I.T. health can be controlled with the correct level of support.

Quality Personnel and Customer satisfaction

The support services we provide are delivered by engineers and consultants who have undertaken the highest quality training available. Elan staff have individual and different technical strengths; but the fundamental goal is to make our input into your organization a good experience.